Mary Shemon Flute Studio

What is the Suzuki method?

The Suzuki method originated in Japan and is named after its founder, Dr. Shinichi Suzuki. Dr. Suzuki discovered that all children could learn music at a young age by using the same techniques used when children first learn to talk. Often referred to as the Mother Tongue Method, Dr. Suzuki developed a child-centered method of teaching music that believes that all children can learn to play a musical instrument with ease and joy when immersed in an encouraging and nurturing environment.


What makes Suzuki lessons different?

Learning to play an instrument is a magical time in a young child’s life. As a Suzuki teacher, I believe in establishing a strong foundation in fundamentals from the beginning of study. When students learn how to play with a beautiful sound, they will enjoy playing the flute for the rest of their lives. 

The Suzuki method is a skills-based method and each piece we learn has a specific goal. Students build their technique through learning a new piece while continuing to study their past pieces or “review” pieces. This process creates a personal repertoire, or catalog, of music that students have mastered and feel confident performing. Each new skill is mastered in this process and is continued to be refined. This is in contrast to non-Suzuki lessons where students are constantly exposed to new music but move too quickly to achieve true mastery of fundamental skills.


Where are your lessons held? 

Lessons are available in Mary's home in Roeland Park, KS near 47th and Mission Road.


What age should children start learning the flute? What ages do you teach?

No matter the age of your child right now is a wonderful time to begin music lessons. There are many benefits to beginning musical instruction at any age and you’re never too old, and almost never too young, to learn to play the flute. Depending on the individual child a four-year-old may be very ready for lessons while a seven-year-old may not. You know your child best and will know when they are ready to begin.

How did you learn to teach using the Suzuki method?

To become a Suzuki teacher you must audition and be approved for training by the Suzuki Association of the Americas (SAA). Training is received by attending Suzuki Institutes. To view my completed training please visit my profile on the SAA's page here.